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We make your data work for you.

Why us?

You want your data to work for you. You are looking for a solution which is fast, reasonable and tailor made for you. You are looking for experts who have proven results.

SolrExperts have the right mix of talent and zeal. We work to deliver the results that you expect. We have worked for organizations whose business depend solely on faster retrieval of information. The faster the information can be retrieved the better for the business.

We have created custom search solutions which not only delivered faster but also intelligent results. We have made of use machine learning algorithms to enhance search results. Case studies are coming soon..

Best Solutions

You can bank on us. Our solutions have helped businesses to work faster, realize their vision and meet their deadlines. We have worked on entire range of search solutions. From training to development we have got you covered.

All Round Skills

When you choose us. You work with a team which knows about delivering an end to end product. Along with our expertise in search platforms like Solr and Elasticsearch, we are expert web developers. We can take care of all your application needs.

You are cared for. We understand the value of great support. We will be with you before, during and after the completion of your product's development. We believe in creating lasting relationships.

Who we are

We are a team of search enthusiasts. We believe that as much as data is important, it is equally important to search and retrieve it fast. We know our tools and love using them. All this helps us make our clients all over the world happy :) .


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