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Solrexperts was at the Lucene/Solr Revolution 2017 recently, which ended today on 15th Sep 2017  at 4.30 pm(PDT).

What is Lucene/Solr Revolution 2017?

Lucene/Solr Revolution is an annual conference which is solidly backed up by Lucidworks. There are pre-conference training as well. This, as claimed by the organizers, is the largest gathering of Solr enthusiasts, users and developers in the world. The conference and training combined gives the attendees a chance to keep in touch with the latest and greatest going on in the Solr community. At the same time allows people to get to know each other, the problems they are solving and learn from them.


What was SolrExperts doing there? 

We went in for both the pre-conference trainings and the 2-day conference. Our expectation was to take our Solr Expertise to the next level.

They offered the following 1-day training courses (can choose only 2):

  1. Basic Solr & Fusion Operations
  2. Advanced Solr & Fusion Operations
  3. Basic Solr & Fusion Development
  4. Advanced Solr & Fusion Development
  5. Machine Learning with Solr & Fusion

We opted for Advanced Solr & Fusion Operations, and Machine Learning with Solr & Fusion.


The Event

The event was held at Mandalay Bay Convention Center, Las Vegas, NV. The Event app was really good, had the list of entire sessions, attendees and speakers. The app, made going through the event a real breeze as it also had gamification, with activity on the app. users got points, and at the end people with highest points get awards.

More on that later, but here is the day by day breakdown of the event from our perspective:

Day 1

We opted for the Advanced Solr & Fusion Operations class.  The training focused on how to configure Solr in the cloud and walked us through the basics of managing the cloud.

The session after lunch was purely focused on Fusion(Lucidworks’ proprietary wrapper over Solr), we aren’t very keen on Fusion at this point of time, so it wasn’t super useful but still, it is not bad to know what’s in the offering.

Our Take: The course and the material were very basic even though it was an advanced course.


Day 2

Today was Machine Learning with Solr & Fusion training. We had different expectations as the training abstract said:


Advanced Solr & Fusion Development course or strong development experience with Solr and familiarity with statistics or advanced mathematics.

But it was entirely focused on how “Fusion” can help with Machine learning. Maybe some people gained a lot from it but for us, it wasn’t of much use.

Our Take: If they would have clearly mentioned about the strong focus on Fusion only then we would have got our hands dirty with Fusion first before training.


Day 3 & Day 4

On day 3 the conference started, featuring talks from committers and contributors to Lucene and Solr.

We attended the following talks on Day 3:

  • Analytics at Scale with the Analytics Component 2.0
  • Art and Science Come Together When Mastering Relevance Ranking
  • Designing A Search Platform? Ask These Questions First!
  • Running a Highly Available and Scalable Solr Platform in the Cloud at The Home Depot
  • Payloads in Solr
  • Lifecycle of a Solr Search Request

The day was followed by 6 lightening talks and then all headed for the conference party at the Skyfall Lounge in Delano.


Day 4 was also action packed and we went to the following sessions:

  • Autoscaling Solr
  • Indexing Videos in Solr
  • A multifaceted look at faceting
  • Taxonomical Semantical Magical Search
  • Securing Solr

It was followed by a closing remark, where the App. game winners got rewarded(Book written by Lucidworks CTO).


All the days consisted of 4 healthy meal breaks, which catered to all kinds of eaters(Vegan, Vegetarian, Non-Vegetarian)


Our take on Lucene/Solr Revolution 2017

Overall the Lucene/Solr Revolution 2017 was a mixed bag for us. Had more expectations but let’s hope our experience is better if we are there next time.

But yes we got a chance to meet a lot of people who were doing amazing things with Search, and Solr in particular, this made us pretty happy 🙂

Check out our twitter handle for updates from the event.




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