• By Achin Gupta
  • In Non Tech
  • Posted August 31, 2017

Search Analytics(Backend) – It is a Necessity

  Any kind of personal development endeavour involves a lot of aspects to consider and apply in order to realize one’s potentials. Once these potentials are identified, they become your personal strengths and assets that can empower you as an individual and take you to greater heights. In order to become an effective individual, you […]

NER(Named Entity Recogniser) : Helping you with NLP

  TRIVIA Did you know that in Rosario, Argentina – the hometown of Lionel Messi – a law has been passed preventing parents from naming their children after the Barcelonian superstar?? So, I tried a lot though couldn’t find the exact data but still, I believe that there would be almost 25% to 30% of […]