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How SolrExperts helped ‘Judgements Today’ secure a 30-40% increase in readership


Executive Summary

Judgements Today (JT) collects all the judgements released by Supreme Court of India and delivers that to users across the country in printed journals.
Using SolrExpert’s solution for their digital tool, they were able to successfully increase their readership.

The Client

Based in India, Judgement today is a major publication house that provided printed journals for lawyers and judges to strengthen their cases and provide citations during a trial from the journal itself. These printed journals are a rich source of information for people working in the legal domain.

This, undoubtedly, is the only website where you get to see the latest Supreme Court decisions with crisp Headnotes and Citation. We understand the value of both time and accuracy and therefore while bringing the latest judgement on the table a lot of effort goes into culling out every single law point discussed in the case. We are sure you would not find this combination anywhere else.

JUDGEMENTS TODAY, The Fastest Supreme Court Reporter


The Challenge

The organisation needed a website that can make these journals accessible to customers electronically where the user can register themselves with the application and can collect the details of the released judgements from the website.

  • Digitalizing the journals in a structured format to make them searchable
  • OCR implementation: Converting text and Images from their scanned documents into the editable DOC format
  • Structuring the journal data so that it can be fed to Solr for searching and analysis.
  • Execute hundreds of queries per second from concurrent users with minimal response time.
  • Ingest and parse documents and data in popular formats including PDFs, Microsoft Office, CSV, email archives, HTML, rich text, JSON, plain text, etc.


The Solution

To deliver a top class service SE identified the following components for the success of their project. With the implementation of Solr and various other technologies, the online solution has a number of advantages over the printed journals. To state the best ones:

  • Real Time Updates- The journals were printed weekly. Consequently, the new records were only accessible after a week with the new release. With the online system, the new judgements can reach to the customers sooner than ever.
  • Comprehensibility- The online solution provides a number of tools to search across the records like search with citation, headnote, judge name etc. This makes our reach to information faster than searching records on paper.
  • Effortless Navigation- Website is equipped with tutorials and helpful instructions on each page, making it easier to use for all user types. They can search for a record with few clicks and can then have a printout or email of the case details for further use.
  • Powerful Management Panel:
    • Extremely feature rich employee and User management
    • Batch processing of journals and related documents.
    • Reporting mechanism to keep track of system usage.
    • Back end analysis on user’s behaviour over the website
  • Economical- Reduced costs for business as well as end users
  • Maintainable


 makes accessing to relevant records easy


  • Search Module
  • Quick Emails and Prints (True copies for citing in courts)
  • Organisation of Judgements (Similar to google docs)
  • Bookmarking
  • Analytics :
    • Search history
    • Favorite Searches
  • Notifications for Latest Judgements
  • Reporting
  • News updates on the dashboard


The Result


There are a lot of lawsuits that are filed on an hourly basis. Almost 10 of them are filed every hour in the supreme court of more than 61000+ pending cases. It is difficult for anyone to keep track of all the judgements by any person.

This meant creating a digital database of more than 120 thousand cases by the end of each year which can be searched fast, that too by multiple users simultaneously.


We helped JT resolve all these problems by using our solution to digitalise their current stack of journals and updating them from the Super User Access provided to them that resulted in

  • 85% more happy readers with
  • Revival of more than 70% clients with
  • Overall increase of 37% readers

Which eventually helped them establish their prowess in the online world too.


They are delighted with what they got. Don’t you want to be our happy partner too?

Achin Gupta

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